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Sex Positions

1. Missionary
Lie between her spread legs so that you are face-to-face. Support your weight on your elbows/hands and insert penis into her.
Perfect for: First time sex

2. Cowgirl
Male lays flat on his back and woman positions her knees either side of his hips and slowly sits down on erect penis. This is much deeper penetration than missionary and also gives him a much better view of her breasts and he can also play with her clit.
Perfect for: Letting her take control 

3. Doggy
Slowly line your bum up with his hips with your legs slightly open. You can guide the penis in or allow him to do direct it in. This is great for deep penetration and it also allows you to hit her G-spot.
Perfect for: Hitting all her hot spots 

4. Knees to Chest
Enter her as you would with missionary position but slowly lift her knees to her chest and have then lean on your shoulders. Support your weight with your hands.
Perfect for: Deeper penetration and stimulating the back of her vagina walls

5. Spoon
Very romantic and slow and you’re likely to last a long time. Both lie on side while she lifts her knees up slightly and slowly tuck him in.
Perfect for: If your girl is tired but you still fancy some sex. 

6. Standing wheelbarrow
Start by getting into doggy position and grab her hips and support her and she wraps her legs around your waist. (Kinda like a wheelbarrow race at school!) You can also do this lying down, so if her arms start to ache just put her on the bed!
Perfect for: Deep penetration 

7. Scissors
Start by getting into missionary position and start to swivel your hips until you’re lying across her pelvis. Support your weight with your elbows.
Perfect for: Hitting the side of the vaginal walls 

8. Reverse Cowgirl
When she’s on top, slowly ease her around your hips. OR instead of getting into cowgirl she could reverse herself on, guiding her slowly.
Perfect for: Spanking and letting her take more control  

9. Pretzel 
Have her lie on her side and pull her top leg around over your hips and slowly slide inside of her.
Perfect for:
Dominating her and hitting different vaginal walls. 

10. Squatted kneeling 
Sit down on your knees with your legs slightly apart. Gentle easy her onto you and have her bounce and grind, using the balls of her feet for support. You can also help a little by bouncing.
Perfect for:
A workout, sweaty sex and more intimacy.  

11. Seated Missionary
Sit between her legs and keep them slightly bent. Slowly wriggle towards her and gently ease inside of her. You won’t have a lot of thrusting power, but the deep penetration will make up for it.
Perfect for:
Deep penetration  

12. Downward Dog
To get into this position, simply start in doggy and slowly allow her to lie on the surface, ensuring you stay in her at all times. 
Perfect for: Nice, slow sex & deep penetration